Getting Security Even In Apartment Life

Mother and son beside door 86496673One of the major difficulties that faces renters these days is the challenge of getting a local security company that will contract with you for apartment security systems. There are many security companies out there that have no desire to sign on renters because of the instability of their lifestyle not to mention the landlords that hate the idea of allowing tenants to install something into their property. This is frustrating because no matter who you are or how often you might move around you deserve peace of mind and protection for your family and possessions. The good news here is that you can get quality security even when you live in an apartment or rent a home. The best security companies will offer you month to month contracts or wireless systems that are easy to hook up and to remove and take with you. These experts would tell you not to give up on your desire for security, but instead insist upon the best. Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you will end up with security you can count on.

Start with Security Sensitive Landlords

The best way to ensure you find the right apartment is to start the entire journey on the right foot! You can spot a security sensitive landlord or management from a mile away if you’re looking for the right signs. Consider these your test questions:

  • Does the management provide for a security guard in the parking area or is the area at least gated?
  • Are common areas enclosed with fences?
  • Are there security cameras in halls or walkways?
  • Are the doors of the apartment solid core and fixed with deadbolts?
  • Are public areas all well lit so that you are protected when entering and exiting your apartment?

If you find a place where security is on the up and up then you’re on your way to successful protection.

Ask Your Potential Landlord Important Questions

Couple using a notebook 175748100As you visit the complex and see the apartments and general atmosphere ask about the security conditions. Ask if you can install new deadbolt locks so that you aren’t sharing keys with anyone. Ask if the windows lock. While in many areas the management is actually forbidden from answering questions about the neighborhood’s security you can ask about how open they might be toward your installing a security system. If they seem open then you have found a great opportunity. If not, don’t worry you still have options.

Options For Those With Inflexible Landlords

Security companies that offer contracts with options for apartments should be providing wireless security systems. Wireless systems, especially some of the newer and simpler systems do not require any form of invasive installation. Pieces can be mounted lightly upon walls or simply rested on shelves and windowsills. These can still allow for remote monitoring, motion activation and 24-hour surveillance. Additionally you can make sure to take your own security precautions. Leave a dowel in sliding doors so they can’t be opened. Keep windows locked. And place a security system sign or decal in the window to scare off potential burglars.

Even if you’re an apartment tenant you don’t have to suffer the insecurity of not knowing that you are protected by a quality security system for apartment life.

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