The Highest Quality Security Systems Have Home Automation

What can your security system do? Chances are it is very good at noting when your cat leaps up onto the windowsill. Your cameras probably turn off their night vision in high lighting and turn on the night vision in low lighting. And yes your security system is fantastic at deterring criminals or even preventing a burglary, but if that’s all that your home security system does you’re missing out! Quality security systems have so many abilities these days and local security companies can offer integration of some high performance technologies that are simple and straightforward and quickly catching on as some of the best technologies for homeowners to enjoy these days. We’re talking of course about home automation systems! The very programs that allow control panels to be taken off the walls and integrated into your smart phones and tablets. If you find that your home security system is inconvenient and a burden to utilize then it’s time you join the world in the growing use of home automation for your security system, and here are some reasons why it’s so awesome.

1.     Keyless Security and Wireless Control

Remote home control 178895291Let’s be honest here folks, no one wants to worry about codes, keys, and passwords for their security. That’s why many people develop bad habits like leaving the front door unlocked, or giving their door codes to friends and family. But it’s not a good idea to share your security with so many people! So how can you enjoy greater control and convenience without standing by your door all day and playing butler? Home automation and lock control! With electronic locks and the control panel on your phone you can unlock the door for your sister when she comes to pick up the food or lock the door after the kids leave for school without ever moving from your desk. When it comes to eliminating stress and worry in your life there’s nothing better than always being able to check up on your security system and make sure it’s armed, the doors are locked and all is well.

2.     Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

With the smart cameras used in security systems today you can actually rely on your camera to do it’s own surveillance! Cameras are enabled to notice movement within their field of view and they can send a text or an email directly to you, allowing you to check in and make sure all is well at home! No more false alarms going in to a monitoring company, you will always be in control. But that’s not all your security cameras can do, hello, remote monitoring! Cameras placed around the home and within the home are good for more than just catching burglars. You can use remote monitoring to check up on your kids, look in on the pet who’s home alone, or simply check out your rental home to make sure all is well. Remote monitoring has become an essential feature in home automation.

3.     Home Management

The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305The final reason home automation is the most convenient security system for your family is because of the home management aspects. Why wire a system throughout your entire home and not take advantage of that spectrum and ability? With home management abilities you can monitor utilities usage, turn off lights or fans, and remind yourself when supplies are running low. As you drive home from work you can make sure the house is ready for the family to arrive controlling the thermostat from a distance. And on vacation you can turn on the television and lights and turn them off again keeping burglars at bay.

Home automation really is the most convenient system available to homeowners today and your local security company is sure to offer free applications for your phone with their devices and system integrated into it!

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