Tips for Better Business Security Systems

IMG_0231_2Protecting your small business with top quality business security systems is in essence like protecting America! Fifty percent of the American economy is made up of small business owners or employees and every one of us is dependent upon the success of these ventures. That’s why it’s important to never under sell yourself or the importance of protecting your way of life! Security systems prevent theft and crime from happening within the walls of your establishment and they empower you to build your business with confidence. We suggest that no business run without protection from disaster by finding a local security company to help monitor. Thing is, just having security is not enough, you need to have a quality security system. We offer these suggestions and tips to assist you in getting the best security system possible.

Monitor All Entrances

One of the worst things that a small business owners can do is focus everything they’ve got on the popular entrances to the building and forget about back doors and windows. It is important as you design your security system with an expert that you outline a blueprint of all the doors, windows, and weak spots in your building where someone could enter. These need to be noted and then provided for in the design. If you simply CANNOT afford to place cameras over every doorway make sure there are motion detectors or door sensors.

Create Company Policy for Security

Just because your small doesn’t mean you can’t be successfully professional! AS a matter of fact, the more professional you are the more confidence you’re going to build into your company and relations with others. Of course that begins with policy. Determine who is allowed where in your store or office. Make sure that people understand what kinds of software they are allowed to install on business security. Enforce policies about hours worked and who has authority to stay alone in the building. Make sure that everyone in the company knows and understands how the policies are going to work, and that they follow those policies. You protect yourself and your employees when you create these policies.

Limit Keys

Modern interior in Insurance case 99318675Assign keys to only those who you trust and who you intend to hold responsible for the protection of the business. Keep all keys numbered and if you can install an electric lock that can tell you which keys accessed which doors. Knowing specifically who has access to the business limits the threat. Additionally think of your login codes as though they were keys. If there are codes to turn off security features or get into computers keep them unique to you and your business, don’t use cheap codes that everyone can guess and other lazy business owners use.

Physical Security: Keep Entrances Lit

Physical security often comes in the form of smart maintenance habits. Make sure that you keep your doors and windows locked during non-business hours and even lock doors that aren’t going to be used during business hours. At night make sure that lights on the outside of the building light up and illuminate walkways and especially entrances! Burglars that are gutsy will lie in wait outside dark doorways and attack to gain entrance. Also trim back bushes so there are no dark corners for burglars to hide in.

Security is a matter of using the right layers. For business owners smart security starts with good habits and is crowned by a great surveillance company that can keep an eye on your business and have your back in case of emergency.

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